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Why Choose Us?

Organic Startup 

  • Founded in 2017 by MBA graduates from top MBA schools in India, FitChai is a sustainable startup with a registered FITCHAI trademark and product.

Customer Value & Vision              

  • Anyone can sell tea, but ask yourself, is it creating customer value?
  • FitChai is all about Ayurvedic herbs infused Chai with a vision to inspire and encourage healthier lifestyles and communities.
  • No other brand has a Mission and Vision like FitChai.

Android Apps and R&D              

  • In-house built Android Apps for Kitchen and POS integrated to website for dynamic sales reports and analytics               
  • This technology innovation ensures consistent taste across all our branches  

Winning Formula              

  • '0" Tea Master Dependency             
  • Trademark Registered               
  • Android APPs               
  • Standard Cooking Process

Franchise Details

Investment: 3 Lakhs for Startup Kit        

  • Includes: Branding, Marketing, Raw Materials, Display counter, Kitchen Equipments, Android Tabs, Fridge, Cups, Oven, Blender, Flasks        
  • Extras: Electrical, Plumbing, Painting and wooden works like kitchen tables and partition               
  • Space Requirements: 120 - 150 Sq. Fts              
  • Location: Pan India               
  • Open for Master Franchise and Multi-unit Franchise


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