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What is FitChai all about?

Founded in 2017 by MBA graduates from top MBA schools in India, FitChai is a sustainable startup with a registered FITCHAI trademark and product. FitChai is all about Ayurvedic herbs infused Chai with a vision to inspire and encourage healthier lifestyles and communities. No other brand has a Mission and Vision like FitChai while promoting healthier versions of Chai.

With over 30+ branches across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, FitChai is the fastest growing brand offering Ayurvedic healthy Chai at offerable prices.

Ayurvedic Tea Stall in Hyderabad

Who are We?

We are a group of Chai enthusiasts who felt the need to bring about a change in the everyday Chai drinking experience while we also make it a healthy routine!

With a passion to revolutionalize the roadside chai with ayurvedic ingredients and their benefits at affordable prices, we have embarked on this journey to go back to our traditional roots of Ayurveda and reach millions of hearts across our motherland India!

Ayurvedic Tea Stall in Hyderabad

Our Mission & Vision

Mission: A two-point agenda:

We seek to deliver an amazing chai drinking experience with top-notch quality, hygiene and great taste consistently at revolutionary prices

To inspire healthier lifestyles and communities


To be a pioneer in Ayurevidc fused tea beverages!

Ayurvedic Tea Stall in Hyderabad

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