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FitChai was the best I ever had! This is unlike any other chai I tasted.. Its healthy as well as tasty at a very good price. Its more than what we asked for!!

Chetan Reddy

I am regular customer to this shop, taste and quality is maintained from starting ,whenever I go with in minutes they will serve any type of tea, please try FIT chai if you visit this shop in kondapur

Nari Nani

I daily have FitChai at least once, I love it! Overall I love this chai and travel 5 kms (up and down) daily for this tea. I am moving to Balanagar location now and hoping to see a branch there (checked it earlier and could not find any near Ameerpet, SR Nagar, Fathenagar or Balanagar) areas!!


Great place for tea lovers. Fresh tea served in different flavors. Must try FitChai, Ginger chai, Wheatgrass chai & Golden Milk. Reasonable pricing, great customer service, quick service & very friendly care. Right place for right chai.